What criteria should be noticed when buying a tent?

Before purchasing a tent, you need to ask the right questions.

External conditions, what kind of climate will I meet (wet, windy …)? What is the duration of the trek or hike?

Capacity: how many people will fit in the tent?

Weight: am I able to leave with a heavy tent or should I opt for a lighter model (thus usually more expensive)

How much money should I spend on a tent? Where to get best family camping tents for sale?

“Take your time before buying your tent! You will spend minimum 10 hours a day! ”

External conditions: level of protection and type of tent


You will not opt for the same model if you go in Bulgarian forests (a tarp will suffice), if you go camping in August with your children (one tent two seasons will be good enough), or if you go 3 weeks of traveling hiking in the Pyrenees in May (one 3 seasons seems necessary).

Travelling to a country where the weather is rain (or North Ecuador)? Choose a tent with a waterproof function and has a floor mat that goes back high enough to protect against the “underground” water.

If you go to a country where insects are present, make sure your tent is equipped with screens on the front opening. This is the case of most tents on the market. This will largely air the room without finishing with a spider in the down or mosquitoes that will prevent you from sleeping all night.

Ability of the tent

This is the basic question, of course. It will choose a model that can accommodate easily and your cronies (unless you have made a silly bet, forcing you to sleep under the stars) Above all, ask yourself whether you need extra room for your backpack, the food, other equipment storage (including shoes). In this case, it may be wise to add a person to the capacity of your tent (or have a large apse).


As we have already said, in the mountains, you’ll carry your tent (and yes, the car or bike).

The weight is often a very important criterion to be taken into account when buying your future attempts. You have to carry heavy tents for long, you will regret it. The lighter it is, the happier you become.

The idea is to opt for a tent but light in which you will feel good (and not too cramped) and advanced to put your bags or cooking in case of rain.

Also, check the seams with special care because they are potential of weaknesses and sources of leaks in your tent.

Looking for a tent and your expectations are high?

No problem: our expert reveals all the tricks to dig up the right model that will accompany you from spring to fall.

What is expected of a tent?

It protects us from the weather, sun, wind, mosquitoes and indecent eyes of neighbors – so near there. But any attempt worthy of the name must also be portable, lightweight and bulky without burdening the budget of the camper.

If the ideal is to have several tents, each adapted to a type of output, the average camper can afford such luxury. The solution? A three season tent for two or three people, light enough to make the hike, but spacious and robust enough to indulge in canoe camping.

Here are some tools to direct you on the right track.

Basic criteria

To choose a tent, the type of activity performed is the main factor to consider because it implies that one is interested in characteristics such as mass, volume, wind resistance and the seasons, in which it will be used. Also, be aware that a three season tent is actually a summer tent that can be used at the beginning and end of the season, according to its robustness and degree of ventilation.

It must then take into account the number of people who will sleep there, which is, however, a relative criterion, because if a solo tent is actually designed for one person, a tent for two may be too narrow for two big guys or even a pair of lovers to trap inside by two days of storm.

What about the price?

Generally, yes. First, the price increases as the mass decreases and the materials become more efficient or the volume increases; secondly, the high price of a tent is justified both by the novelty of the product and the need to pay for years in researching and development. For proof, just compare a McKinley Katmai 2 to $ 180, and Easton Kilo 2, $ 400…

Tips for creating a training habit

Sport brings many benefits for health and quality of life, not only physically. It helps to forget worries and socialize with other kids your age. Today, the number of children and adolescents who are overweight or obese is much greater than before. Regular exercise helps prevent serious health problems associated with being overweight or obese. Therefore, sport is very important. Football, gyms, mountain climbing,… are all good for our health. For outdoor activities like climbing, it is advisable to opt for best backpacking tent. View the newest models here:

Why is it so important to exercise?

It brings many benefits. You will see:

  • Burns calories instead of storing them as fat in the body. It helps maintain a healthy weight and reduces the risk of overweight or obese.
  • It keeps sugar levels more balanced blood within normal limits. This is even more important for those who have diabetes or are at risk for it.
  • Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  • Strengthens bones and muscles and increases strength and endurance.
  • Relieves stress and improves sleep and mental health. It helps combat potential crises of anxiety or depression.
  • It increases self-esteem. It gives security to the body and appearance.
  • Increases the concentration and school performance.
  • It is socializing, it promotes fellowship and reduces aggression.

A few days ago at the entrance about training at home with a treadmill, in the comments we talked some guidelines to follow when creating a habit of training when a sedentary person wants to start doing something usually sport.

In this post, we will collect some guidelines or tips that we believe interesting to create a habit of training, with which the same part of the lives of people who want to take the step to improve your fitness and thereby improve their health.

Tips for creating a habit training

  • Soft start: if something needs to be clear is that you can not start something butt, go slowly gathering pace week after week, and begin in an affordable, and moderate level. So start doing three days a week of exercise that you have chosen and lasting no more than 30 minutes a day. Week after week you should go time up to 40 minutes three days, then increase to a weekly day of training.
  • Knowing how to choose: do not start an activity you do not like and do it because you have said that you should do. You will agree with me that something you never like is not easy to perform, no matter how well you make to your health and your state shape. Choose the sport that you like best and motivate you to perform, and be harder than leave aside the little time. If you have doubts that choose, it is best to try all that you think can motivate you, and you stay with the one you love, or several if you think so convenient.
  • Innovation: from time to time have to change something in the training routine, doing the same thing may get tired and end up leaving aside the sport you have chosen, even if you love it. This means that it is good to change something, either raise the level of difficulty, change the routine training, travel or site where you make the company if any or include it if there is not, in short anything that goal an innovation in the sport that you are making.

  • Patience: If you want results, in the long run, you will, but do not want short-term results. It’s good to have proper expectations are small, medium or large, but not short, we must always look at several months away. Any goal should be set to medium or, even better, in the long term, so that it easier to see and primarily to assess the results. Surely when you want to account, the sporting activity you’re going to play, will be part of your normal life, and will be difficult for you to remove it.
  • Do not obsess: for very clear that you have to in your life has to be a sporting activity, whether for whatever reason should not be an obligation, it should never obsess having to perform the activity or yes. If you become obsessed with it can be bad for the rest of your life, which turns a habit that made you be where you are. If you want to change something you must do it without you feel obligated to, have to go slowly flowing, and although you should not look for excuses to skip training time, it should not be an immovable obligation.

Cheap backpacking tents for different weather.

It all depends on your priorities and your practice. If your priorities are financial, think long term but not short term. For example, it is more financially attractive to buy a sleeping bag for 99 Euros and keep 5 years instead of buying one at 49 Euros and keep 2 years. But it is less interesting to buy one for 139 Euros which lasts 5 years.

The chance of having to camp out in harsh weather conditions is a reality in every season of the year. The tent you choose should be able to withstand the unforgiving weather. Does it need not only be tough, it should be comfortable, easy to handle and have the features you desire, and one more – reasonable price.

Different weather

Whatever the season, there are difficult weather conditions that need a tent to protect you. In warm weather, there is always a chance for rain and storms; a little light or move quickly, other heavy or long-term. As the temperature drops, sleet or snow is likely, sometimes large amounts those is heavy and focus on supporting the tent if allowed to accumulate. All seasons offer the chance that the winds blow intensely and relentlessly. The tent-best all time can successfully manage these difficult weather conditions. The cheapest tents are the 2-season weather, other types such as 3-season or 4-season are quite expensive. however, if you need these kinds of tents, try to search for the best cheap camping tents for sale.

Dealing with the Weather

The best all-weather tents are built with durability in mind. They have a stronger pole structure to keep them stable in strong winds and are able to bear more weight on top without collapsing, which is why they are so expensive. The rain flies are tighter and extend to the floor to prevent rain from blowing below and saturating the wall breathable inner tent. The floors are made from nylon ripstop and sealed the seams. The rainfly and floor even have a waterproof coating such as polyurethane, applied to their interiors, preventing penetrate through the weather. These sustainable features are available in the best all-weather tents.

Cheap backpacking tents for car camping?

Car camping is an inexpensive way for families to vacation together, especially when the weather is nice. Everyone can help with chores camping, participate in family meals and go on planned activities such as hiking, swimming or horse riding. But after nightfall when the fire is down, the tent becomes the most important product. It provides some privacy to transform them into bed clothes, a place to set up a cot or sleeping bag and a shelter against storms or nocturnal nuisances like crawling or flying insects.

Here are some recommended cheap tents for family backpacking

Kirkham outside Springbar Camping Tent 3

Wall tent made of canvas are best for motor home because the canvas is waterproof and is more breathable than nylon. Outside Kirkham Springbar Camping Tent 3 ($ 449.95) sleeps will provide enough space for three adults with 72 inches tall inside, 70 square feet of floor space, excellent ventilation of two armored sliding windows and a removable front cowl zipper. The tent includes two removable speed storage bags.

Paha What Promontory Wilderness Tent

Large polyester or nylon tents are ideal for campers because they have more space for the family. Paha What Promontory ($ 449.00) sleeps is enough for eight adults. It has a total of 120 square feet with two bedrooms with doors at each end and a large side door. The ceiling is 7 feet tall and the tent has two large windows. This tent has a “bathtub” floor with sealed seams for water resistance which extends to three inches from the side wall. This keeps water from seeping through the floor when it rains. The tent has two hammocks removable gear you connect to the ceiling in every window. This is convenient for storing clothing or lightweight camping equipment.

Eureka Equinox 6

Umbrella-style tents are a classic design for motor homes. The Eureka Equinox 6 ($ 409.90) sleeps is for six adults. It has six aluminum poles and a robust weatherproof design. The walls are nearly vertical for more space inside the tent. The tent has a door and three windows. The area of the tent is 87 square feet with a height of six feet center, seven inches. When the weather is bad, you can close the cover of the door and lock it with a pull cord. The tent has a heavy bottom of the nylon bathtub to protect groundwater.

The longboard guide for beginners

Long confidential longboard attracting more and more followers, looking for new sensations, speed or just a way to travel, practice and practitioners are very diverse and brands and manufacturers models are also numerous. So before embarking on the adventure, it is important to determine what you want to do with our board, and this will affect the choice of material. With the choice plethora of brands and types of longboards, I will try to enlighten novice on different hardware and different practices longboard.

The different practices:

Cruising: the ballad version displacement of the longboard. a small highly maneuverable board can be used for the city or rather a long board with flex for large spaces. Mounting Type: Topmount 50 ° trucks, soft wheels (78 or 80A). For this type of practice, it is advisable to choose an Atom longboard. View Atom longboard reviews.

Carving: it is the medium speed turns of the surf version of bitumen, the plate can be rigid for more responsiveness and more flexible for comfort and to pump. Mounting Type: Topmount 50 ° trucks, soft wheels (78 or 80A).

Downhill: as its name suggests, it is the descent, you need a rigid and well concave plateau, with trucks with a low angle in drop-through preferably for maximum stability. Mounting Type: drop-through or trucks Top-mount 40-44 °, intermediate wheels 82 A.

Freeride is a mix of downhill and carving, which is sought another form of slides, with slides. The boards are twintips order to ride in both directions, the plates are rigid and concave for responsiveness, the trucks are mounted in drop-through for stability in the slides and wheels are hard to be able to slip. Mounting Type: trucks drop-through 44 °, hard wheels 84-86A.

Freestyle / Dancing: the goal is to perform tricks on the board in “sidewalking” or do tricks with the board on the street. The boards are long to get around it and it has nose and tail to perform tricks. Mounting Type: Trucks top-mount 50 °, hard wheels.

Street: a handy little board with a good tail to be able to do ollies and hard goods wheels for the slides. Mounting Type: Top-mount 44 trucks or 50 °, hard wheels.

Slalom: as in skiing, the goal is to be the fastest on a course with studs, so use a short hyper maneuverable board. Mounting Type: trucks Top-mount pads with 50 ° inclined to open the angle of the front truck and closed on the rear truck, soft wheels.

Warning!!! Before you start, go to specialists who will advise you on the best choice of material. It is also essential to be equipped with appropriate safeguards because the speed and the dangers are high and falls can be fatal! Finally, for beginners, find the proper ground for a smooth start to grasp the speed and learn to control your longboard. Good ride at all!

Buy a longboard: 5 things to know before you take action

LONGBOARD – With the return of warm weather, why not succumb to the call of this board, longboard? Straight out of the California coast she surfs again success recently.

Facebook groups, Twitter accounts riders, demo videos, longboarding sweeping both the bitumen on the net. But before becoming an avid fan of this means of transport more than pleasant, some things are to know as we explained Ben Aurelian skateboarder inveterate and experienced working in Snowbeach store.

  • The idea is not to rob your bank account and make an unnecessary purchase, is to let Internet side to go to the store and ask for advice. Choose longboard alone is already the first misstep.
  • If the design of the board matter (mainly because it is a purely commercial nature), it is important to choose one according to your size to a matter of ease and comfort. Take therefore preferably a longboard happens to you at about hip height.
  • Then ask yourself what use will be for your board. It is not necessarily the same advice to someone who wants to use for transportation to a person who wishes to make figures.
  • Equip yourself properly with at least a pair of gloves, falls can be fairly common and do not forgive. One should also not hesitate to wear knee pads, elbow pads and a helmet.
  • Well, not worth spending 400 euros for a board if you do that for three months, make a choice according to your level. As Ben said Aurelian, “the important thing is that you take your board, you push and that you burst.”


Longboard Wheels – Bearings and the myth ABEC

The bearings which are used for longboards are so-called the single-row groove bearings. These can be used for anything and they are suitable for high speeds. The ABEC scale (ABEC = Annular Bearing Engineering Committee) is an American industry standard which establishes accuracy with which the inner ring of the bearing is produced. The ABEC standards so say nothing about the smoothness of the rolling surfaces or the precision of the balls or the quality of steel which is used.

The higher ABEC qualifications were originally designed for high-precision applications such as in aircraft instruments and surgical equipment. The low ABEC standards for vehicles, roller skates, skateboards and reels for fishing.

An ABEC 9 will be lower, new in-store and unloaded, with surgical precision running super smooth. But once that lower under a skate and longboard charged with the full weight of a human and subjected to large (lateral) forces on an uneven surface, it is done quickly with that precision. Within a day, it is an ABEC 13 or lower and hangs the suppleness only on the quality of the lubrication.

The ABEC rating does not say much. Especially since there are many manufacturers who ABEC 7 and ABEC 9 bearings in their stamping whatever the accuracy or quality. Particularly in the Far East, this is the order of the day. It is also impossible to check without sophisticated equipment.

Unfortunately, the myth surrounding the high ABEC rating for longboard bearings as persistent as unfounded. Therefore, some skate and longboard manufacturers are trying to establish their own standards for bearings, for example, the “skate rated” classification. These are very accurate oil bearings made of chrome steel. These bearings may be optimal for lung boards, but also, here the reliability of the manufacturer continues to be important.

Quality of the steel

If a lower mild steel is made, the bullets and walk grooves wear quickly and deform. The bearing will then rustle and worse going to walk up to the point at which the bearing will be replaced. The harder the steel, the longer it remains less flexible and usable. Recommended are chrome steel bearings with 1% carbon and 1.5% chromium.


The lubrication of a bearing is, of course, extremely important to reduce the friction (resistance) and the prevention of wear and tear. But it also plays a major role in discharging the frictional heat and keep out dust and dirt. Longboard Bearings are available as oil bearings. Both have advantages and disadvantages.
Vetlagers are more resistant to water and require little or no maintenance. The fat trapped in the bearing and keeps dirt and moisture out. The fat that is injected during manufacture as a blob must divide evenly into the bearing. It is best if the lower developed a little heat during operation. Vetlagers will therefore in the beginning (or after prolonged arrest) feel a little stiff. But once trained and / or reheated you have fine maintenance-free bearings.

Oil bearings have a much thinner lubricant. Therefore, they are ready to put into use a lot smoother. But those thin oil also runs easy out. Oil bearings can also “run dry” and should be lubricated regularly. If not then they are in normal use, completely worn out within a few weeks. Oil bearings therefore on one side usually have a dust cap that is easily removed for lubrication and maintenance. They are usually open on one side bearings, or they are easy to open. For lubricating oil bearings are different types of oil available in different qualities. Thus, there is special “low friction” oil making the already soft oil bearings run smoother.


A high ABEC rating is fun as long as it takes. And that’s not very long. When selecting bearings for your longboard can, therefore, look much better for the quality of the steel used and the type of lubrication. And to do this, you can rely on the best-known brands and on price. For one euro you can not expect much.

What maintenance is required for a longboard?

Longboards offer a thrilling ride through the hills and steep slopes and especially in sections with curves.

Its cover extended the size and maneuverable trucks and still maintains traction to the ground, where

normal skateboards do not work. Regular and proper maintenance of the components of your

longboard keeps you safe and prolongs its life.


Cover a longboard experiences a constant stress and wears during use. The torque of the constant

forces by movement and the stress of your feet exert pressure can cause cracks in the wood or make the

cover layers are separated. Inspect the cover before each use for signs of wear and replace if necessary.

The self-adhesive tape placed on the surface should be replaced regularly to maintain optimum grip. It

also provides additional wood to hold the grain of the wood firm support.


Longboard wheels should be cleaned after each use to remove dirt, stones, and debris that can damage

the surface. The wheels should be cleaned with a damp cloth or soft brush to remove all chemicals that

accumulate on the surface, which can penetrate the rubber and make it dry and chapped cleaner. If the

tires show signs of excessive wear, cracks or missing pieces, you must replace them immediately since

the failure of the wheel can lead to ruin.

Choosing wheels for longboard

Whether you need to replace old wheels or a new longboard, choose the appropriate wheel is essential

for a smooth and enjoyable ride. The wheels are the contact between you and the ground. If they are

very large, you may fall from the board. If the wheels are very hard or very soft, any debris can produce

the same. However, the perfect wheel allows the driver to reach high speeds while maintaining control

of the board.


1. Prepare to decide what to buy for your longboard wheels on three main issues: wheel size, shape, and


2. Choose the correct diameter. This is determined according to the size of the longboard. A very big

wheel will cause a “wheel bite” or the wheel hit the deck as it rotates. A very small wheel affects the

control of the board. To choose the right wheel for the table, use the following guidelines as provided by

Muir Longboard Store: for boards of 40 inches or longer, use a diameter of 70-75 mm, for boards of 34

to 42 inches, use wheels of 68 to 72 millimeters. For boards of 34 inches and smaller, use wheels of 60

to 67 millimeters in diameter. Note that a smaller wheel lets you move much easier and faster while a

larger wheel will allow you to maintain higher speeds.

3. Select the correct durometer. Durometer hardness or the wheel is determined by the weight of who

climb the table. When you get on the board, the wheels touch ground pressure with weight. A wheel

that is very soft and loses shape will hamper your speed while a wheel which is very hard does not give

you enough traction. Uses the following ranges to determine the best durometer: who weigh 135

pounds or less must use a durometer of 78th to 80th. Those weighing between 135-175 pounds should

use a durometer 80th to 83rd. Who weigh 175 pounds or more, they must use a durometer of 83rd to

86th. Note that lower durometer or soft wheels will give you more traction and control while harder

wheels will allow faster acceleration.


Supports wheels or trucks keep your longboard continuously moving and accumulate dust and dirt from

the surface on which you walk. Inspect these parts after each use and dry them with a clean cloth.

Remove the wheels by removing the axle nut and clean the inside wheel axle. Remove bearing and clean

with a cloth to remove any residue that may be introduced into the bearing if left on the surface. Clean

the shaft to remove all debris and reassembling the parts replacing the bearings and wheels. Clean shaft

assembly completely after each use to extend the life of the bearing and track. You will have to lubricate

the bearings, mount the tracks and axles regularly with a light oil or lubricant specific for longboards.


Longboard equipment is necessary to slide down. Switchbacks have plastic discs to keep you hands injury. Visually inspect the plastic

discs before each use and replace them when necessary. The shoes you wear while you use your

longboard wear out quickly due to the constant abrasion of pushing the concrete or pavement surfaces.



Ten tips to learn to swim more comfortable and faster (Part 2)

6. Practice pinball with legs

Once the child can float, let them practice pinball with legs (leg battle with breast crawl). First try with as many splashes

(which is nice) as possible. Keep their feet underwater.

7. Always start with the legs

If your child wants to learn a swimming stroke, always start with the legs. Many parents want to let their

child immediately learn a combination of breaststroke, but it does not work well. That is much too difficult for a

small child. So start with the legs, and then on the back and arms.

Nowadays the modern instruction as:

  • beginning with lying on the back
  • bend the knees while the knees remain together. The feet are lower than to the bottom
  • then let the legs (toes out) go into shoulder-width apart and turn them back until they areagain stretched.

8. Emphasize the “Gypsy state” of the feet

The most difficult and time-consuming it is to teach a child the position of the feet to do well. The feet

should always well turned out. Call it “Gypsy Feet” or “turn your lights. Or ask their own swimming

teacher how he (or she) calls it.

Let the child at least pull the toes up. Then let the feet go though something in the correct position.

Then the toes outwards. This position of the feet is important to get good trim in the water. You can

practice this very well without water at home on the couch or let the child even walk with their feet

turned outward and the toes up. Another trick is to let the kids swim with water shoes.

Note: Make sure the child in the leg stroke on the back and DO NOT withdraw the knees. The knees

should remain under water, and that is only possible if the legs are pushed up well.

9. What especially NOT to do

Put your child not under pressure to do something it does not want or does not dare to. So do not push

them, because that does not work. It makes no sense to make a child is already nervous in the changing


Make swimming not a lousy experience, but make sure it stays fun. If a child complains of cold or other

aches, then just stop immediatly. Never shout at the children and force them.

10. What you need to do above all DO

Be honest with yourself in front of your child and especially in front of the swimming instructors. Tell

them if there is something going on with your child. Is he gifted? Is he fear of water? Does the feet flap

too light? Teaches it is so difficult? Is the swimming lesson a disaster? Tell the instructor. You can then

take this into account in the approach to your child.

If a child is taking swimming lessons, make sure that the time is relaxed. Go back in time away from

home, so you do not need to rush. Come a little earlier than the others at the first time. So the child can

easily see what is happening.

Talk with your child about this experience. Confirm that he or she is old enough for learning to swim. He

or she may need you to give them a hand. There is, after all, a giant step for them.

Reward your child whenever it has made a brave and great performance in the water. The price in the

sky, even though the performance took only 3 seconds and you had barely time to blink your eyes.


Give your child time, a lot of time. Do not rush it, and do not expect your child within 6 months has a

swimming certificate. Even though it is a sporting type construction. All children can learn to swim

anyway. It is just a matter of time.

The more you enjoy along the water, the more your child will have fun in swimming. So it will move

faster towards the diploma. But remember that it is not at all unusual if it takes one and a half years.

Especially if your child is very young.

Ten tips to learn to swim more comfortable and faster (Part 1)

Our kids can swim after swimming

lessons? That is possible, but requires some attention. We offer 10 tips to help to learn to swim

more comfortable and faster.

To begin with, it is always the intention that can drive a child before the strokes are taught. A child must

be able to drive well both on the back and on the belly.

But before a child dares to float, he must first get used to the water (and underwater). What can you do

as a parent to thereby help your child? All of these tips are useful.

1. Put the child in the children pool

Put yourself first once physically in the position of a child. Go and sit in the pool on your knees, at the

height of your child, and look around you. You will see a huge flat water, with all heads bobbing in it.

You – and your child – are getting closer and go away again. That those heads are swimming people, is

not the first thing that comes to your child.

Talk together about what you see. So it will be less scary.

Ravot and play with your child in shallow water. Show that it is fun to make crazy moves in the water.

Teach your child to also jump into the water from a small height. Let it run through the water. Thus the

child learns to cope with the pressure of the water and splashed in the face.

2. Do games with face underwater

Learn fun way that you can play under water without any problems with your sight. Not try to compel,

of course, but first try to explain even one ear under water. You can not hear anything else? What? So

do the same thing with your nose underwater.

Give the child a swimming goggles to see underwater. And try aggregation (anywhere, eg in the car) for

ten to hold your breath. Try that once underwater.

3. Practice supine

Put first look at how you can relax floating on the back. Here is how: ears in the water, looking at the

sky, squeezing buttocks. In the beginning, the child finds it very scary.

Keep constant body contact with your child in this exercise. Have the child put his hands to shoulder

height, then lower the knees, head going back and stretch his or her legs (light off), and push the

buttocks. Support with a hand on the back or buttocks of the child. Do not do it for too long and build

their confidence slowly.

4. Practice the ups and downs in the water

If a child falls when walking or playing in the water, then the first reaction of many people to shoot to

get up immediately to help the child, address and comfort. This is understandable, but it could be


If a child falls, he or she scares. It is also scary. But it is better to give the child the chance to get up

himself again. Let they feel free to dabble. If they fail,

then you should obviously help them, then you do sometime slow for what you get up in the water.

If a child is independently came up, it helps to strengthen confidence in the water.

5. Practice lying on stomach

Lying on stomach is easier as the child holds up well in the water. Look at the bottom. Let’s see what

happens with their legs as their head is up, then you should bend your head back, the more their legs go

down. They can not lie anymore.

Start at the end. Bag knees, put off with one leg against the wall and driving. If that goes well, driving it

from a stationary position. If the head is correctly positioned in the water (look at the bottom), the

buttocks will naturally well up.

Jump in shallow water and let the child put his hands on the ground. Turn the hands so that the fingers

point to the toes. The buttocks are coming up. Ask the child to let one hand go and then both hands.

You should hold his hands. Pull the child through the water and let they lift their face on the water.


Hiking tips for young and old!! (Part 2)

The training and Technology

The following are 14 tips that are useful in building your walking workouts:

Start slowly

When you start a walking, start slowly so that your muscles can become quiet hot. When your muscles are warmed, you increase the


Ignore pressure from fellow runners.

A group walk is very cozy, but each has its own pace. If the group runs too fast, do not be tempted to go

along with this. If you run too fast, you will notice after a few kilometers that walking is less fun.

Looking for beauty and varied routes.

Select each time a different route, for example, (if possible) always in a different province. Also alternate

paved and unpaved roads, or flat and hilly area.

Head out

During your holiday you can go abroad for hiking. On the Internet, there is many information.

Find an inner rhythm for yourself

When you walk alone, let your mind go tasty. The music can give a nice rhythm while walking.

Walk in different tempos

When you walk regularly already and you want to improve your fitness, then arrange for a faster pace.

Then, take your ‘normal’ pace again. If you do this often you will see your ‘normal’ rate goes up.

You do not feel tired when walking, but stop and take a lower walking speed. You will notice that when

you persevere yourself, over time, you start to feel better.

Walk without watches, rings or bracelets.

Wearing a watch, ring or amband can cause pressure to meet the hike within a certain time. This can

affect walking rhythm negatively.

Walk with someone.

Walk with a fellow hiker (who finds pleasing at same walking pace) can be very cozy. This makes walking

more relaxed.

Or take the dog.

Does no one want to go with you and you have a dog, bring the dog. A dog always has enough energy to

go with you.

Eat enough.

When you go hiking intensive, it is important that you eat enough. Often, most of women eat too little.

It is important to have enough ‘fuel’ if you want to anticipate the journey in a pleasant way. During the

trip eating an energy-rich snack to give extra energy.

During the Tour, there is enough food on various items and drinks available!

Take a cold shower.

Not after walking, but before! Especially when the weather is warm. Research has shown that a cold

bath or cold shower lowers body temperature and keeps bearing during walking. This means that the

cooling mechanism of your body does not have to work so hardens and the walk will feel easy.

Choose a tortuous course to practice.

The big advantage of a winding road that you do not need to stare at a long straight with no end seems

to arrive.

Stop and stretch.

If you feel that your legs feel heavy, take time to stretch all the muscles. So give your muscles a rest and

after stretching the muscles, your legs will feel more comfortable.

Do not sit on the ground.

When you start walking, it is wise to rest on time, but make sure that you do not sit on the cold ground

(thereby cooling the muscles quickly and will feel stiff).

The schedule

Through planning you can build your fitness in the right way and your body can gradually get used to the

effort. Using a calendar you can properly plan the hiking, you can gradually increase the distance of the

hike. Write in your calendar or in a walking kilometers booklet and what distances you are going to walk,

so you can plan the best for your body (eg week 1 / m. 5: 15km tours, week 6 t / m 10: 20km tours, etc.).

Always make a plan of two months so that you can easily adjust the structure when it is successful or

less calm. If you’ve been sick for example, it is advisable to start again just as quietly.

The training

Find a workout hiking schedule for a good build-up. Remember to train in all weathers! And now you

can go for 110 kilometers! Yay!

So that is all you need to know about hiking. Take all the advices and start your hike. Good luck!

Best of The Best Brands of Longboards


Selecting the best brands or models of longboards isn’t that easy a task. No matter that you’re a veteran or pro or else a newbie or middle expert at riding longboards, it’s the same thing for all. Getting to know which to choose is as hard today as it was for the folks who began the movement back in the day. In this post, I will introduce to you best of the best longboard brands on the market today.

Longboarding nowadays is one of the most dynamically changing types of skateboard sports and has kept going on its own. Many new skateboarders are found trying and practicing jumps and carves on streets and parks, and the sport isn’t letting up.

With more folks longing for longboard action, a bigger number of firms and works are creating new deck and components designs and marketing them. New technologies have moved longboarding into conventional everyday usage, bringing serious excitement to big groups of followers.

When we spy a few of the better longboard brand names, we look at a number of different yet relevant qualities which matter a lot when choosing a longboarding brand and model.


Sector 9


It’s rare to find an inspiring bit as wonderful as the story of Sector 9’s humble origins, and how it grew to become the powerhouse it is today. The guys who helped build likely the most renowned skateboarding brand were a groups of buddies just trying to redo and upgrade some improvised decks, as thieves had gotten away with their original skateboards. One of their number had gotten to calling their workshop “sector nine” and the label and image stayed on even as their name bloomed and the brand grew.


The firm keeps on moving up and flourishing and continues to release huge hits. Long a benchmark in dependable and high-quality longboards, Sector 9’s brand is the acknowledged longboarding leader.



Santa Cruz


The guys behind Santa Cruz have a long history dating back to the beginnings of skateboard and longboard cultures, and their numbers have only increased with the huge growth of the movement. They were well-known for bringing the denizens of Star Wars fandom onto a lot of futuristic boards. The firm is also known for producing boards stylized with the profiles of Marvel-universe heroes.




They may not be as prominent as their rivals, but Yocaher’s longboards have been there and everywhere as much as that of any of their competitors. They’ve been making boards since beginnings in the mid-1970s and their latest HQ is now at Chino in the inland foothills of California. Yocahers have long been seen as the least expensive brand of performance models which are designed for riders to smoothly cruise the distance, and newbies and intermediate riders will both appreciate their stuff. Yocaher’s models are designed to be simple yet good looking quality boards. Continue reading “Best of The Best Brands of Longboards” »