Tips To Ride A Mountain Bike

If you want to try a one of a kind type of sport which is also considered as an ideal form of exercise, why not try mountain biking. It is an exceptional way of exploring great outdoor adventures, and exercising while enjoying a lot of fun. Mountain racing is exhilarating. However, without proper caution related to mountain biking, it can be dangerous. Still, even though it is known as a dangerous kind of sport if enjoyed with absolute caution, the whole family can enjoy it ultimately.


Popular Styles of Mountain Biking

Wanting to be pleased by the excitement a mountain biking can offer, it is necessary for you to look for the best entry level mountain bike in your area. Mountain biking has many styles for you to learn. The three popular mountain biking styles are the following:

  • Downhill
  • Free riding
  • Cross country

The above mentioned styles of mountain biking require distinct skills for you to execute properly. This is in order for you to enjoy and showcase each style of mountain biking. Moreover, the mountain biking style you choose will actually determine the kind of mountain bike you need to buy.


9 Categories of Mountain Biking


Mountain biking is divided into 9 distinct categories. Each specific category, offers a breathtaking experience for players. The following are the different mountain biking categories.

  • Cyclo cross – it is defined as a fast and hard mountain bike running through a mud. This category constitutes a part of the many mountain biker’s technical skill which can be executed same like a mountain biking and road biking. The riders are expected to overcome obstacles like crossing rafts and rivers.
  • BMX–this category constitutes 20-inches wheels using BMX biking style. With regards to its structure, it has smaller wheels with bases of shorter wheels. Because of its distinct body structure, it is particularly used in skating parks or dirt jumps. If you are fond of performing stunts and tricks, used BMX bikes.
  • Cross country – it is a type of mountain biking category that involves biking in up-and-down mountain hills and other hilly areas. For mountain biking experts, it is considered as the most complicated category of mountain biking. However, there are still riders who greatly enjoy the adventures it can offer.
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Best Matthew Bows

Matthew Bows have been revolutionizing archery for 23 years and they continue to do so. They are well-known for making modern compound bows because of the technology that goes into making their bows. They have produced a good line of bows that is being used by archery experts today.

Review and Comparison


Matthews No Cam HTR

It has a compact axel to axel measurement of 32 inches and the riser is 30 inches long which adds a lot in keeping the bow stable. It makes a silent shot and it is dead in the hand. The speed of this bow is 330 fps and since it has no cam, it has a wheel system that is new, tunable, and does not demand as much nock travel. The tunable system gives a different full draw impact. The finish of this bow is camouflage pattern which is being used since before. The riser does not look too good but it is able to bring more accuracy to any shooter. It is less reflexed than the bows that were made by Matthews before, but it does have 2 two circular cutouts that are placed close to the limb pockets for the stabilizers.


The grip made for the HTR is made with stock rubber composite focus grip unlike before when they made it with walnut wooden grip. People like the focus grip more because it is more comfortable in the hands.

The brace height is 6.25”, Ata length is 32”, draw length is 24-30”, draw weight is 40 to 70 lbs. fps is 330, weight is 4.14 lbs. The letoff are 65%, 75%, and 85%.

The price for this one is $1099.00 which is expensive for some shooters.

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Benjamin Titan Air Rifle Review

A good air rifle is important especially if you are going to on a hunting expedition in the wilderness and having the freedom to move easily even with your air rifle is very comfortable. You can plan a stationary point and start shooting. One of the best air rifles out there is the Benjamin Titan Air Rifle.

This is a good air rifle to have because it is fast, accurate and quite. It is very good for hunting, shooting pests, and plinking. It is a gas ram air rifle priced at $150 which is a very great buy.


This hits very hard especially if you are using it to hunt varmints, pests, and small game. It has a velocity of 800 fps which is very fats leaving no chance for your target to escape. It uses standard lead pellets with 14.3 grains which gives a 20 foot pound of muzzle energy. This is what an elite spring-rifle should be and   other PCPs. It is more impressive than the 12 FPE minimum that people are always talking about for a humane way of hunting.


This is a tack-driver and will be able to achieve really tight groups which can surprise you sometimes. The enough power produced by the rifle maintains a trajectory of .22 when shooting from long ranges. After consistent practice, you will be killing targets in a consistent manner. Always buy a good quality ammo for this rifle because cheap ammo will affect its performance like any other rifle when used with cheap ammo. The recommended pellets for this gun is the Crosman Domed Premier Ultra Magnum 14.3 grain Pellets, but of course you can try others. Continue reading “Benjamin Titan Air Rifle Review” »

Best Scopes For Red Dot

The best scopes for red dots will help you see clearly using a red dot scope and they are made assist the hunter’s vision to see the target. If you have a good red dot for your scope, your hunting accuracy will increase and also your chance of killing your target. in think article, you will find the best scope for red dot because choosing without having the proper information will be very hard.


Best Scopes for Red Dot


2 MOA Red Dot Sight (SPC-402) – Vortex Optics Sparc II

This accommodates most forearms because of its versatile multi-height system and this can also work with Ar-15s. It can be mounted on a Weaver or Picanny base. It runs on a CR 2032 battery and the auto-shutdown can extend battery life. The battery life usually lasts for 300 hours if the brightness is maximum and can last 5 thousands hours if the brightness is at a minimum setting. The open-target acquisition is fast for both eyes. The coating is multiple anti-reflective and the surface that is all glass increases the transmission of light. This product is very light at only 1.2 lbs. controls that are digital for on and off power. This is a waterproof and fog proof product. It also has a lens cover that can be flipped up or removed.

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How To Prepare For A Mountain Biking With Friends

Mountain biking with friends is so exciting adventure and sometimes it is called pleasure especially if you have your close friends with you. Mountain biking also could help you when it comes to socializing more than usual. They could meet some new people or new friends. This will improve also their friendship as long as you and your buddies enjoying biking together so better to get those best mountain bikes under 1000.

Here are the following for you to prepare before you join a mountain biking with friends:



Yes, you of course. Make sure you are in good condition. First Examine your body if you feel something uneasy, discomfort or worry I think it is better for you to stay at home or else better to overcome or solve those issues before you leave so that you would not missed those exciting activities with your friends. Do not eat too much, make sure you eat at least three hours before the mountain biking trip so that you have a lot of time to digest of what you have eaten.


Of course this is the second you have to consider because without this you could not join for a mountain biking trip with them. When it comes to bicycle it is not necessary if you could have the expensive one. It is more important that you know how to use the bicycle of course. Speed of the bicycle is not depending in the brand itself. It is on how the user uses his bicycle. Better to clean always your bike, always check the breaks and always do not forget to put some lube to gears.

Your Safety

Safetiness if the third thing those bikers should always consider. We do not want to end up our lives so early. So better to follow the rules and guidelines to have a better mountain biking experience. Why not invest for the well-made helmet and shoes? This will avoid you to unexpected accidents. Check more of some safety precautions when it comes to mountain biking. We are about to experience adventure not a near death experience. You safety is also in your own hands so better to keep that on your mind.


When it comes to location, as a beginner, better experience it in your area, because you are familiar in your place. Good thing also is if you left something in your home, you can easily get back to get it. You know where is the barriers, those logs and shortcuts. Continue reading “How To Prepare For A Mountain Biking With Friends” »

Benefits of Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is not just a physical activity, it is also an adventure. It makes us stay fit and healthy. Mountain biking can boosts our immune system, improve our muscle strength. Mountain biking can also improve our lung capacity to help us breath easily. It also helps to reduce pounds and maintain our healthy weight.


Mountain Biking Promotes Emotional Benefits

It can reduce and prevents stress that we encounter from our daily lives. Healthy well-being and sense of happiness is one of the contribution of mountain biking. It teaches us to develop or improve our social skills on how to socialize with different types of people to build a better community. It also helps our mother nature because it is environmental friendly.

Due to high price of gasoline in our country, some people invest in buying bicycles because it doesn’t need fuel. It also lessens the traffic that we encounter in our daily lives. Some people use bicycles in going to schools and to their work to save time and money. Some organizations promote using bicycles because of it health benefits and to help our environment to have a cleaner and fresher air. Commute using bicycle can make you faster when it comes to commuting.

Outdoor activities like this can avoid stress and increase your confidence. It is also helps you to socialize to different kinds of people. This can bring you also popular, if you heard by many people that you won so much for this kind of outdoor activities. This activity also can lose some weight, can stabilize does fat, and remove bad toxins in the body through sweating. This make you fit without trying hard so much that you have to spend so much time and money.

This can tone also your hips, legs and buttocks. This also can make you stronger over diseases. This make you don’t get sick easily. When it comes to emotional, mountain biking also has participation, it can reduce depression and stress. Besides, you can sleep deeply after biking. And this outdoor activities is very important according to the physician, because you are exposing to the daylight which is the good source of Vitamin D, that goods for immune system.

According also to the Scientist, bicycling makes you look younger because of increase circulation of the oxygen in our body and remove or pushes away those bad toxins in our body. Through biking also, it can help also in our bowel movements, as you sweat more and more naturally that pee is easy to flushes away in the body. This can avoid cancer in colon, that really now is the common cause of death in the whole word according to World Health Organization. Continue reading “Benefits of Mountain Biking” »